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Last Update: 07/11/2019
Goderdzi Chankseliani

Goderdzi Chankseliani

Georgian Dream-Strong Economy


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Kutaisi, Abashidze Str. 26

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2017 year:

Business Income

Birth Date / Place

1969-03-06, Georgia, Gulripshi Region

Work Experience

Founder of the LLC Bevrili Jgupi, Executive Director  (2004 - 2016)

Head of the Police Department of Shida Kartli (2003 - 2004)

Head of the Corruption and Economic Crime Combating Service in Kvemo Kartli at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (2001 - 2003)

Head of the Especially Important cases division of the Organized Crime Fighting Department at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia  (2000 - 2001)

Inspector at the Organized Crime Fighting Department of The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (1994 - 2000)

Policeman at the Security Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia (1989 - 1930)

Entrepreneurial Activity

Goderdzi Chankseliani

LLC Bevrili Jgupi - Partner

Georgia, Tbilisi, Kiziki Str. N24 Declared income - 5000 GEL

Real Estate

  • Goderdzi Chankseliani - Land
    Georgia, Tbilisi, Tsavkisi
    3000.00 sq.m
  • Tea Argveliani - Land
    Georgia, Lanchkhuti Municipality, Grigoleti
    370.00 sq.m
  • Goderdzi Chankseliani - House
    Georgia, Tsavkisi, Tsavkisi
    550.00 sq.m
  • Tea Argveliani - House
    Georgia, Lanchkhuti Municipality, Grigoleti
    570.00 sq.m
  • Tea Argveliani - Flat
    Georgia, Tbilisi, Chikovani Str. N2/7, flat N17
    220.00 sq.m
  • Tea Argveliani - House
    Georgiam Borjomi Municipality, Bakuriani
    90.00 sq.m
  • Tea Argveliani - Flat
    Georgia, Tbilisi, Chikovani Str. N2/7 -17
    70.00 sq.m
  • Tea Arghvliani - Garage
    Georgia, Tbilisi, between Tchiatura str #2 and Chikovani str #7
    36 sq.m

Movable Property

Motor Vehicle

Toyota Land Cruiser 76, Owner - Goderdzi Chankseliani

Mercedes Benz S450,  Owner - Buba Chankseliani (Son)

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Date of Terminition of Mandate

2016-11-18 - Current

Electoral District

#32 Tetritskaro

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