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The initiative on the changes about the rule for filling out the declaration forms was registered at the bureau

12 April 2018

146th meeting of the bureau

1. The initiative of Revaz Arveladze On Conflict of Interest and Corruption in Public Service was registered at the bureau. According to the initiative, in the declarations of senior officials the information about the persons who are living with them, except the spouse, under-age child or stepchild, should not be public. Therefore, the declarations will be public only when it comes to the senior official itself, his/her spouse, under-age child or a stepchild. The rest of information about the other persons living with the senior officials will not be public.

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2. The another initiative of Revaz Arveladze was registered at the bureau. The goal of the initiative is to abolish the decision about essential breakings during the process of monitoring declarations. In addition, according to the initiative, the senior official who provides his/her declaration with delay should be fined by 100 GEL instead of 1000 GEL.

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3. The government initiative on the changes in the following laws was registered at the bureau: law on Public Service, law on Diplomatic Service, Law on Consular Fees. According to the amendment:

  • The Administrative-technical personnel will be divided in three groups: Administrative personnel (regular position - professional public servant); technical personnel (contracted category of personnel) and person who is hired based on an administrative contract;

  • The post of attaché will be added to the list of the diplomatic positions;

  • Accordingly to the law on Public Service, the rule of diplomatic ranking and class granting for the administrative personnel of diplomatic service will be constituted. Due to the specific features of the field, the senior officials ranking constituted by the law on Public Service will only be used in specific cases in the way of equalizing;

  • The post of chair general directorate will be added to the list of high diplomatic positions;

  • The alternative of appointing after the competition will be closed competition, constituted by the law on Public Service;

  • With the public service reform underway, early granting of the diplomatic ranking will be possible not by the attestation, but according to the results of evaluation and by the rule adopted by the minister of foreign affairs;

  • The ministry will have to conduct the competition for the vacant positions (central apparatus, diplomatic and consular bodies) two times in a year;

  • The active reserve of the diplomatic service will be abolished;

  • For the persons who are holding the diplomatic position or who are being in the diplomatic reserve while transfering to other public service, the concessions will be constituted (In the direction of elaborating and executing the country’s foreign policy goals and international relations);

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